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Build & Imagine Marine Rescue Center

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Help Thea transform the rescue center into a ship to save the sea animals! Rehabilitate injured dolphins, feed baby seals, and patrol the coast for wounded wildlife. Thea especially loves the opportunity to release her marine friends back into the ocean.

    • Build the Marine Rescue Center a new way, every time you play! Durable StoryWall panels connect magnetically.
    • Customize your adventure with magnetic accessories that stick to the panel walls and wooden dress-up character (Thea the marine biologist).
    • Let your imagination run wild! Change up your scene so the fun never stops.
    • Recommended for imaginative girls and boys ages 4 to 8.
    • Develops early engineering skills (spatial reasoning, problem solving, and creativity) as well as language skills.
    • Grow your story with additional Build & Imagine play-sets!

48 included pieces provide for endless variations to spark creativity

Marine Rescue Center features a standing wooden dress-up character (Thea), 15 dual-sided StoryWall building panels (9 squares and 6 equilateral triangles), and 32 magnetic accessories. StoryWall panels in this set feature an otter rehab pool, fish kitchen, dolphin pool, sea lion pool, laboratory, vet exam room, underwater observatory, otter rehab tank, functional door, and much more!

No rules, no limits to what your child can dream up.

Kids aren’t limited to one designthey can quickly reconstruct the Marine Rescue Center into whatever design suits them. They can also change the context of their story with magnetic accessories that stick to the floors, walls, and wooden character. Or, mix and match multiple Build & Imagine play-sets to build a larger scene. All Build & Imagine play-sets are compatible, so your child can grow their story alongside their building skills.

Develops Foundational STEAM Skills

Build & Imagine’s construction plus storytelling combination bridges left and right brain play to engage kids in foundational S.T.E.A. M. skills (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Through building with geometric shapes children exercise early engineering skills including spatial reasoning, problem solving and design. The rich illustrations, characters, and magnetic props act as story prompts, sparking imaginative play that sets the stage for language and literacy learning. Marine Rescue Center also features a laboratory and veterinary exam room, to introduce kids to the fun world of science.


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