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Pipstickers - Colorful Sticker Keeper


We have run out of stock for this item.

It's finally here!! After talking to sticker collectors far and wide, we've created the Sticker Keeper of your dreams. It's just small enough to carry around, and designed to help you store, display, and swap Pipstickers (and all kinds of stickers!) of every size and shape! We know everyone uses stickers differently which is why we've designed all kinds of inserts to help you make the most of your collection. Sticker Keeper comes with a sampling of each, and brings the flexibility to move them around as your collection grows...


  • 1 - Adjustable D-ring binder with magnetic flap closure - 11'' x 9'' x 2'' (closed)
  • 4 - Classic Sticker Pockets - built for our 4''x4'' and fuzzy sticker sheets
  • 1 - Premium Sticker Pocket - built for our Big Puffies, Scratch n Sniff, Confetti, and Vinyls
  • 2 - Petite Sticker Pockets - built for our 2''x8'', 3''x7'', and Mini Sticker Sheets
  • 6 - Laminated Pages - unique to this sticker keeper!
  • 2 - Simply Magnetic Sticker Pages
  • 1 - XL Holographic Storage