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I am a fox. Do you see me?

Timeless and nostalgic, quirky and fresh, lightly educational and wholly heartfelt, this autobiography of a fox kit will delight all cuddlers and snugglers.

See the world through a fox kit’s eyes in a charming book about finding your place in the world. Over the course of four seasons, Kit comes of age in the forest. In spring, she gambols. In autumn, she races. In summer, she sneaks and slinks. But with her mama, she will always be a little kit.

PERFECT FOR BEDTIME KISSES: The story goes through a day in the life of a baby fox kit and ends tucked into her den with her mama fox. It’s the perfect book to take families through their own day, complete with a cozy goodnight moment!

ENCOURAGES CHILDREN TO IMAGINE OTHER PERSPECTIVES: This book is told in the first person: “I am a fox.” The unusual narrator will get the youngest readers thinking about what it’s really like to be a little fox kit!

TEACHES COMPARISONS: The idea of seeing through the animal’s eyes using comparisons to familiar ideas (Kit is slower than a hummingbird but faster than a turtle) is a perfect introduction to comparative logic.

TEACHES SEASONS: Readers will delight in following Kit through all four seasons of the year, learning what she does differently in spring than she does in summer, what she does for the first time in autumn, and how she experiences winter.

BABY ANIMALS! There’s one thing all babies love: baby animals! There are all kinds of animals to look at and learn about in these pages filled with wildlife and with love. Careful eyes will spot animals hidden everywhere in the detail-rich, evocative scenes.

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