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Family Organizer - Big Chore Board

$14.00 $3.50

A large, versatile board that allows your child to complete more complex tasks or organize their day. You can also use it to plan a family project such as spring cleaning, a party or to plan a vacation. Useful for all family members and projects.

Recommended age : 4 to 99 years old

Included: 1 fully magnetic and erasable surface board 1 dry-erase pencil

Our Big Board of chores is strongly inspired by the Kanban method, a Japanese word meaning "sign board". Developed and used by companies as a production tool, it makes it possible to be more efficient but also to visualize who is doing what and where each task is at. Thus, at a glance, you know if there are any unfinished tasks and if the project is progressing correctly. It also allows you to manage priorities more easily.

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