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Freshly Picked Rockaway Sandal

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eel the sand in your toes with these new Rockaway sandals by Freshly Picked! Featuring soft Blush leather straps, 3 prong-free (AKA "ouch-free") Italian buckles that are easy to put on and take off, a soft leather insole, and a cushioned rubber sole for added comfort and support. 

Adjustable toe strap. Good for chubby or wide feet.


  • Water-resistant leather upper & genuine leather insole 
  • Durable, cushioned rubber sole
  • Custom prong-free buckle that makes sandals easy to put on and take off!
  • Runs true to size. 


Size Length of Insole
Size 3 4.5"
Size 4 5"
Size 5 5.5"
Size 6 5.75"
Size 7 6"
Size 8 6.25"
Size 9 6.5"
Size 10 7"
Size 11 7.25"
Size 12 7.5"
Size 13 8"
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