Narwhal Horns Sidewalk Chalk


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Narwhal Horns Sidewalk Chalk

Twee's Unicorns decided they needed a friend! The Narwhal Horns are sure to make you the "coolest" at the playground (brrrrr)!


These hand-painted horns are made of 100% usable chalk. 


Each order includes:

- Three (3) sidewalk chalk horns: one blue ombre horn, one turquoise ombre horn, and one silver and glitter-coated white chalk

- Made of plaster of paris, acrylic paint, tempera powder and glitter

- All paint is non-toxic and all glitter is eco-friendly!

- Each horn is 3.5 inches in height and about 1.75 inches in diameter


These are NOT FOOD and not meant for consumption.  


These are sidewalk chalks and not meant for chalkboard use; they require a thicker grit to work (i.e. asphalt or concrete).


Supervision required for children ages 3+.

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