Paint a Birdhouse Activity Kit

Surprise Ride

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Help your child design a birdhouse so they can learn about their feathered friends up close.

Have you ever wished you could fly? Where would you go? For centuries, humans have been fascinated with birds and their ability to fly! In this Surprise Ride kit, spread your wings wide and get ready to fly to the fascinating world of birds… Let your imagination carry you as you mix paint to design a special home for the original tweeters. Then, find fun facts and laugh at tweet jokes in the 38-page, full-color book that will take you on a trip around the world with your feathered friends. Keep the discovery alive with the bird whistle so you can call your new friends, and learn about them up close in their new home.

Includes all materials and easy step-by-step photo instructions to:

  • Paint A Birdhouse

Also Includes:

  • Custom book full of surprise facts, real-world photos and fun jokes
  • Bird Whistle Collectible
  • Parent Guide
  • Kid-Friendly Learning Materials

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