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Leggings - Lavender Check


Challenge the ordinary with these cool leggings from THE NEW, featuring checkerboard pattern of asymmetrical white and light purple checks. The quirky design makes offers a fresh and eye-catching look, adding vibrancy and a cheerful vibe to your everyday outfit. Leggings are often warmer than most tights, and they are easier for the girl to put on by herself. Pair them with a dress or an oversized tee/sweatshirt for a cool and relaxed outfit. Crafted from organic cotton and elastane, these leggings are soft, breathable, and stretchy.

- Snug fit with an elastic waistband.
- Asymmetrical check pattern.
- 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane.

GOTS certified:
This product contains 95% GOTS certified organically grown cotton, certified by CU842535.
The Global Organic Textile Standard certification certifies and tracks the cotton from the source to the final product.
All production facilities involved in making this product have also fulfilled strict social, environmental, and chemical requirements.