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Tea Collection

Tea began with the dream to inspire global connection and curiosity for little
 citizens of the world. They believe that no matter where we live or what language we speak, there is so much we all have in common. They travel the world bringing the beauty of different cultures and modern design to children's clothing.

Tea is something we all have in common. It’s a drink shared in nearly every culture around the world. Over a cup of tea, people can find moments of connection, understanding, and inspiration. That’s why they call themselves Tea Collection.

Traveling is a gift. Wherever they go they like to soak in as much as possible, cherishing every stunning vista, the art, local culture, and the people they meet. But Tea also strives to give back. In every destination, they seek out different avenues for contributing to communities in a meaningful way. Tea gives back 10% of their profits to philanthropic efforts worldwide.

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Ruffle Sleeve Romper - Snowy Branches
Ruffle Empire Dress - Cat Cafe
Graphic Tee - Shiba Butterfly Pink
Fair Isle Sweater Dress
Panda Hooded Baby Sweater
Corduroy Pants - Triumph
Corduroy Pants - Thunder
Flannel Button Up - Kobe Plaid
Playwear Pants - Acorn
Speedy Striped Joggers - Copper
Graphic Tee - Origami Shiba Inu
Graphic Tee - Badger
Graphic Tee - Heliskiing
Graphic Tee - Baumhaus
Graphic Tee - Baumhaus
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Graphic Tee - Japanese Deer
Graphic Tee - Shiba Smile
Tiered Henley Dress - Scottish Thistle Floral
Mighty Mini Dress - Snowy Branches
Mighty Mini Dress - Crayon Chrysanthemum
Printed Cargo Pocket Joggers - Copper
Very Velour Joggers - Blue Fog
Very Velour Joggers - Purple Punch
Solid Leggings - Scuba
Solid Leggings - Twilight Lavender
Graphic Tee - Shiba Butterfly
Graphic Tee - Wild Misaki Horses
Graphic Tee - Painted Deer
Graphic Tee - Rainbow Wildflower
Ruffle Sleeve Tunic Top - Copper
Fair Isle Cardigan
Fold Over Pants - Peanut
Fold Over Pants - Animal Buns
Fold Over Pants - Sushi Cat
Stripe Out Joggers - Jungle
Graphic Tee - Dino Destroyer
Long Sleeve Henley - Peanut
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474 results
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