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Scrollino Zoo by Dots Roll FINAL SALE

$1000 $1795

Learning through play is the best way for kids to get excited and to keep their knowledge. That is why we have created the Montessori like IN THE ZOO Scrollino Collection. Connecting the dots games are a fun way for children to learn how to draw and to practice counting, but imagine it in a completely new format that Scrollino offers. It will help your little ones to awake the curiosity and imagination and develop their fine motor skills.

By pulling down the paper lip little by little you will reveal a new dot game every time. Connect the dots with the pencil every time to complete each game and guess what kind of animal you have just discovered. Wish to start over, simply erase your drawings and connect the dots again. When you are happy with your drawings, you can also color them.

Designed in France - Made in Prague