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Wilds of the United States


The definitive guide to the wildlife of the United States. 

Do you know which animal evades rattlesnakes by dancing? 
Or that some squirrels can glide on the air for hundreds of feet? 
Or that alligators can create their own year-round pools? 

Put on your best pair of hiking boots, grab a sturdy walking stick, and explore the wild places of the United States with this stunning guidebook! Soak up new and shocking facts about this unexpected world of ours; pore over captivating, detail-rich illustrations; and discover surprising new creatures (some may be closer than you think!) every time you open the book. From glistening, snow-packed mountain ranges to searing deserts, this immersive and accessible guide is a one-stop shop for outdoor adventurers, animal enthusiasts, inquisitive minds—and anyone who listens to the call of the wild.

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